A community led Just transition to Zero Waste

No Community Should be Used as a Dumping Ground

Baltimore has maintained a reliance on toxic trash incineration for over 3 decades burning the regions' waste at the BRESCO incinerator and imposing health and environmental burdens on neighboring Black and poor communities. The waste system is upheld by policy decisions and resource allocations that maintain a status quo that clearly states that sacrificing lives is an acceptable price to pay.

We are creating Baltimore's just transition through leadership and action. From 2012 through 2016 we did what was thought to be impossible - local youth leadership built enough power to stop the billion dollar plan to build the biggest incinerator in US history less than a mile from schools and homes in South Baltimore. We did more than prevent Baltimore from doubling down on burn and bury waste infrastructure. We created a new vision and secured real commitments from City leadership to prioritize a just transition to zero waste in Baltimore.

ZW challenge

ZW plan

BRESCO fight back

Coalition leading implementation